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Why Books?

Books and the recorded word have been an integral part in preserving, as well as in shaping, the history and thoughts of man. For those who have faith in the One God of Israel, His Word is the rock and foundation of our very history. History is literally His Story. Jewish history and culture – and hence Jewish literature – are therefore a vital and central aspect of our history. Dwight opens his Foreword to A Dash of Drash* with:

“It has been said that the genius of the Jewish cultureis conveyed not in art or architecture, as with Greece and Rome, but in words. Indeed the Jewish people have been called the ‘People of the Book.'”

Books and study are a central element of life. We are shaped by ideas and thoughts. We study the natural world around us with all its wonders and we study what is beyond the physical world we can comprehend with our senses. We seek the hidden within the outward, the extraordinary within the every day, the sacred within the ordinary and, mostly, we do this through books.

For those desiring to deepen their knowledge and appreciation of their Jewish roots and Hebraic heritage, there is a veritable ocean of rich and edifying literature. If you are starting out, don’t be overwhelmed; simply start ‘dabbling your feet’ and trust the Author of the Book of books to put into your hands what will most nourish your mind and spirit and enrich your life according to His will and purposes. And enjoy!


PS Real men read books too!

Books 2

* A Dash of Drash – sequel to A Taste of Torah, by Keren Hannah Pryor, with Foreword by Dr. Dwight A. Pryor

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