RAVDAP – Dwight A Pryor – says…



This is a fitting nom de plume to use for Dwight’s quotes. We had such a chuckle the day we went to the Licencing Bureau to get new licence plates for his beloved black Ram truck and he decided to have his longstanding e-mail address inserted on the plates.

I remember the first time ever I saw his email address and smiled as I realized it stood for Rabbi, or teacher – RAV, connected with his initials DAP – Dwight A. Pryor!

This was the name that distinguished his mails, back when we first were in official correspondence in connection with his submitting an article to be included in the magazine I was editing. Official then, but how precious it became.  And how precious all his words remain.

A friend and student of Dwight’s, J D McCraw, recently recalled:

Dear Geveret [Ma’am] Keren,  You know my inspiration for study is Rav (Dr) Pryor. It is promising that my thesis subject is: ‘The Holy Spirit in the Judaism of Qumran Sectarians.’ Dr. Pryor once said,Nothing could be more Jewish than the Holy Spirit.“”


Another RAVDAP Quote:  “The more Torah the more Life.”

 He once wrote this note:


“Give me Liberty or give me death
Give me Law (Torah) or give me death.”

As he  expressed in the Foreward to A Taste of Torah:

The Torah is a loving Father’s teaching. The Hebrew word torah fundamentally connotes guidance and instruction – that which aims you so that you hit the mark. And the mark for the Torah always is Life. Much more than “the Law,’ it is God’s will, wisdom and direction conveyed to His covenant children for their ongoing fellowship with the Holy One of Israel.

May we always “Choose Life.”

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