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on Replacement Theology


In reference to the mistaken doctrine that became entrenched in Christian theology, Dwight quoted Dr. Robert Reymond, a systematic theologian from the United States:

All God’s land promises to Israel in the Old Testament are to be seen in terms of shadow, type and prophecy, in contrast to the reality, substance and fulfilment of which the New Testament speaks’. ‘We Christians, as members of Christ’s Messianic Kingdom, we are the real heirs to the Land promises of Holy Scripture, but in their fulfilled character in the heavenly hereafter’.

Dwight calls this an example of ‘Replacement Theology’ which seeks to replace  the Jewish people with the Church of Jesus Christ in the purposes and economy of God.

“This has been the standard Christian view for some twenty centuries. Dr. Reymond marshals a whole list of Scriptures to support his view, and of course Christian Zionists can marshal their list of Scriptures to support their point of view.

Can we now begin to say something fresh about this or must we each just dig into our trenches and throw stones back and forth?”

Dwight was right!

It is, I believe, the time in the unfolding plan of God’s Redemption when, not only is He calling for fresh vision and unity among Christians in connection with Israel, He is calling all His children, both Jewish and Christian, to the Sacred business of reaching across the great divide that has been established between Judaism and Christianity throughout centuries of sad, violent and misinformed history.

We need to be seeing with new eyes and re-evaluating set misconceptions; finding common ground; and, rather than being strangers with no connecting ties, realize that we  indeed are family with the same Father who is Love in all its depths and fullness.

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