RAVDAP on Holiness


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“Holiness is the …foundational principle of all biblical ethics. Nothing greater can be attributed to God in worship. The unprecedented angelic three-fold intensification, Holy, Holy, Holy – Kadosh, Kadosh, Kadoshpoints beyond mere Divine attribute to the ultimately mysterious and impenetrable essence of Deity.”


Jerusalem day 2

“Therefore, Adonai, Y/H/V/H [Hebrew: yod – hey – vav – hey] , alone is intrinsically holy. Anything or anyone else shares in His holiness derivatively when they are set apart in an exclusive relationship with the true and living God and consecrated for His service.”

‘Holy’ also means ‘set apart’. For example, the seventh day of Shabbat was set apart at Creation from the six previous days. And, although the whole earth is the Lord’s, a narrow strip of land on the eastern end of the Mediterranean basin became the Holy Land when the Almighty sovereignly set it apart from other nations and conveyed it to Abraham and his offspring, Isaac and Jacob, for covenantal purposes” (Genesis 35:10–11).

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