Cycling and Recycling in Israel

Cycling is a growing sport and industry in Israel, despite the country’s many hills and sometimes extreme weather. I have seen evidence in the growing number of cycle shops, such as this one on the busy Agrippas Street near the Shuk in Jerusalem.



How to keep cool while cycling? Creative cycles in Jerusalem…



Recycling in the fascinating and colorful Jerusalem neighborhood of Nachlaot …


Another creative recycling effort in the Negev town of Arad:




As everywhere, children love to cycle. On a wander with friends in a town situated in the beautiful hills of Samaria, I spotted this little girl’s bike. Preparing for a ride – or just got back?



Just for good measure and a smile – a Balloon Bike I saw at the modern new Mamilla Mall, situated just outside Jerusalem’s Old City at Jaffa Gate entrance. You can maybe float on this one!



Yummy vegetable bike. Maybe this would encourage children to eat their veges!




Hebrew lesson:  bicycle – ofanayim [off’a’nai‘yim]

vegetables – yerakot [ye’ra’kot]

OK, I’m off for a ride… Le’hit’ra’ot!  Bye for now!

~ Keren



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