A TASTE OF TORAH – Complimentary Copy


“Today…followers of [the Rabbi] Jesus of Nazareth are being reconnected to the nourishing sap of the olive tree of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and spiritually enriched by the Jewish heritage. In her writing, Keren gives you a taste of what she has savored for many years, the sweetness of God’s Word and the inspired instruction of His Torah. She gleans from the wisdom of the Sages and commentators as well as Christian insights into the Tanakh (Old Testament), and conveys them in a gentle and yet profound manner that will inspire and inform every student of Scripture.
…It is a book that sanctifies the Name of the God of Israel. Taste and see! It’s good!”

From Foreword by Dr. Dwight A. Pryor

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36 thoughts on “A TASTE OF TORAH – Complimentary Copy

  1. Thank you for “The Taste of Torah” dear Keren; since my daughter gave this beautiful book to me in November 2011 it has been a great blessing for me to read, week by week, season by season, alongside the Torah portions; there are many beautiful insights that help bring understanding to some difficult passages: His Word is sweet to our taste. I love the picture of the open pomegranate on the front cover – this describes the beauty of the book perfectly!

    • Many thanks dear Lisa! Dwight and I loved the picture when we were looking for a cover pic – I specially wanted a pomegranate (most people who know me know I love poms!) and Dwight spotted how this pic perfectly captures the crown of the fruit, which is a six-pointed Star of David! Blessings to you.

  2. My husband and I read from both books each Shabbat as part of our study time together. I love to give copies to others as I am able to in order to connect the Hebraic with the “Christian” teaching. How about a book outlining the holy days, next? Also, do you have any good information on the true calendar with accurate dates in time/history vs. the Gregorian that the Jews follow today since leaving Babylon?

  3. Thank you so much for your website and all of the wonderful information. I am always seeking to learn more in my very beginning walk in the Torah. I am excited to begin the Hebrew Bytes. Also is your new book “A Taste of Torah” available for purchase and if so, would you please point me in the right direction?

  4. I would love a copy of your book. I was introduced to Dwight’s teaching in 1992, and was a Haverim member for many years. What a blessing! I am indebted to Dwight for so much of what I have learned, and am dedicating my first book – in part – to his memory, as he has influenced my life and ministry so profoundly. Thank-you for what you continue to do for the kingdom of God, the people of Israel, and the glory of His name!

  5. We love the new cover of your book, Keren, and appreciate all of your writing and studies. Right now we are viewing Dwight’s teaching of “Behold the Man” and learning so much! It is excellent! We hope to introduce it for a Bible study in the church we are attending to bring light to the believers that have not been taught the truth from the scriptures on Yeshua’s Hebrew heritage.
    Blessings upon your wonderful work and greetings to Cindy who does a marvelous job on this website! I am so blessed to be able to copy this great information she provides.

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