Cycles & Recycling – 2

Not sure why these are catching my eye… but hope you also enjoy them.

1. An exhibition in Jerusalem’s Safra Square in the Municipal Buildings.  When one rides the bicycle it operates whatever feature is above it – the fan spins, the phonograph plays, the drum beats, flowers bloom, spotlight shines, etc. Great fun! Kids love them…
and I think the Orthodox fellow was tempted until he saw my camera!




2. Very enterprising!












3. Bob Dylan’s portrayal of a bicycle…




4.  Must be Florida!


[Thanks to Taryn Daley for pic.]

 5. Rustic charm…


[Thanks to Barbara Whiting for pic.]

 6. Happy days in Israel … good kibbutz transport!


3 thoughts on “Cycles & Recycling – 2

  1. Love the bicycle with the fans ~ this could be for young and old alike! Also love Bob Dylan’s painting and N0. 5 Rustic Charm is charming…LOL

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