Trilogy – Behold the Man, Unveiling the Kingdom, On This Rock

The third of the trilogy of Dwight’s DVD & workbook series is finally now published, as of June 2014. It has been a privilege and a blessing to work with Dwight (z”l) on the workbooks for his video teaching series, as well as to monitor the log and “hold up his arms” at each video recording session.

I so vividly remember the excitement of working with Dwight on the first workbook of the trilogy here in Jerusalem – “Behold the Man,” which now, praise His Name, is being taught in many countries and has been translated into Chinese and Spanish.

This is a picture taken by David Bivin at the time of small beginnings. BTM in Jerusalem. 🙂


Dwight loved teaching, especially face-to-face with students – whether groups of 10 or 100 or more – but he did not enjoy writing (unfortunately). It was a joy on my part, albeit  hard work, to edit the transcript and to do the layout for ‘Behold the Man’ and then ‘Unveiling the Kingdom’ and finally, with the help of dear friend Howard Graham in Ireland, as well as help with proofing by Cindy Elliot, to edit and do the layout etc., for ‘On This Rock’ – at which time, sadly, Dwight was no longer with us.

May our faithful Lord continue to further the reach of Dwight’s unique teaching – for the glory of His Name and for the extension of His Kingdom.

8 thoughts on “Trilogy – Behold the Man, Unveiling the Kingdom, On This Rock

  1. Love Dwight, love you, and love all three in the trilogy. Just finished BEHOLD THE MAN with some serious students at my church. We will do UNVEILING in the fall and ON THIS ROCK next winter!! Thank you for your labor of love in getting these workbooks out. May the Lord bless you for your efforts to edify His Body and sanctify His Name.

  2. Hi Keren, ordered “On This Rock” a while ago & am looking forward to receiving it. Am currently sharing with friends here “Unveiling The Kingdom”…..they love it!! Will have to order “Behold The Man”. Many blessings to you Keren.

  3. Jenni! It certainly is… Dwight was so amazing and such a uniquely gifted teacher. The heart, as well as the ‘head,’ of his message continues in a number of wonderful ways.

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