First Night Hanukkah Blessings with Keren

The first night of Hanukkah blessings and instructions on how to light the lights HERE

Hanukkah Candle-lighting dates,  2019 

Set candles from right to left. After lighting the Shammash [ the set apart Servant candle usually in the center] use it to light the newest candle first, and then the others – going from left to right.

First night        – Shammash and 1 candle  – evening of  22nd December
Second night   – Shammash and 2 candles – evening of  23rd December
Third night       – Shammash and 3 candles – evening of  24th December
Fourth night     – Shammash and 4 candles – evening of  25th December
Fifth night        – Shammash and 5 candles – evening of  26th December
Sixth  night      – Shammash and 6 candles – evening of  27th December
Seventh night  – Shammash and 7 candles – evening of  28th December
Eighth night     – Shammash and 8 candles – evening of  29th December

Blue ManEnjoy a beautifully illustrated First Night (or any night) Hanukkah story here:

One Candle – Read by Keren

4 thoughts on “First Night Hanukkah Blessings with Keren

  1. How wonderful to see & hear you here Keren ~ lighting & saying the prayer for Chanukah. I will be joining in lighting the candles ( my time in Adelaide SA!!! ) on the eve of Chanukah 16th Dec. Thank you for your faithfulness. Love Jenny

  2. This is so beautiful Keren. One minor observation: on the timetable above you have the list of dates and candles for the Hannukah season, finishing on the 21st. I had a mild panic becasue I’ve invited friends for a meal and celebration of the 8 candles on the 23rd. When i looked more closely I saw that your numbering went from 20th-21st-22nd-21st. Panic over.

    • OY! Thank you for pointing that out Mary. Corrected. 🙂 Have a wonderfully special 8th night celebration with your friends. May the gentle splendor of His light reflected in the candle lights surround and bless you all.

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