9 thoughts on “BREATH of God – 3.45 mins

  1. I couldn’t help but think what it means when you have a medical condition which causes you to need oxygen, so in one place, when you are free to take in breaths without need for oxygen, or when you need oxygen and are trapped in one place because you need a tank of oxygen wherever you go. in one respect, it shows that HaShem goes with you anywhere, but my world is cut down to as far as I can go with the tank. so no airplane trips anymore, which means until HaShem heals my body, I won’t be able to return home, which causes
    me to become depressed. I have to learn every day that HaShem loves me, and there is a reason why I am not home in Israel.

    • Trusting with you for His healing, Michael. It’s such a big challenge you face but, you’re right, in that it’s one you have to deal with each new day and can only do so happily when you hold onto His love, which is 100% sure, and know that He has a good reason for every single thing that happens in your life. Primarily, to draw you closer to Himself.
      I heard a teaching recently, by Rabbi Dror Cassuto (Breslov.com), and he said some days one can feel really weak to do what one needs to do, so every day when he says the ‘Modeh Ani’ first thing before he gets up, he says, in effect, “HaShem, I put my life in Your hands. I give you all my strength and I ask You to give me Your strength to do all You want me to do today.” He is faithful to do just that!

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