H-I Monthly Newsletter!

Shalom to you!

Great news! We are starting the His-Israel Newsletter this month (July).

We look forward to saying “H-I” to you once a month with an update from Jerusalem and a brief overview of what is happening at His-Israel.

You may be signed up automatically for the Newsletter, particularly if you were on the Ethics Now & Then and/or on the Update lists. If you do not receive the Newsletter via e-mail tomorrow, please sign up via the widget on His-Israel’s Home Page. There always is an option to Unsubscribe from the Newsletter if it does not suit your requirements.

At present, if you are subscribed to the Website, each time something new is posted  you receive an e-mail notification. If this is too much of a deluge…


…we understand! You now have the option to unsubcribe from the website – using the link at the bottom of the e-mail you’ve received – and yet remain connected via the Newsletter. Of course, we sincerely hope you will continue to visit us on the website as often as you possibly can!

By the way, if you are happy receiving the regular notifications each week, then you don’t need to do anything. Simply check to make sure you receive the Newsletter in the next day or so. If not, then please simply fill in your email on the Newsletter widgert on the Home Page.

Your interest, continued  learning and enjoyment are our concern. We deeply value your friendship, encouragement and support.

We want you to …..    smile-150x150KEEP SMILING   …. and to






With many thanks and warm blessings from Keren, in Jerusalem, and Cindy in Texas!


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