My Little Place In Jerusalem 5

A Redemptive Relationship –  6.46 minutes 


The relationships that make a difference and deeply affect our lives, in a positive way, are the redemptive or transformative relationships we enjoy.

How do we tell if a relationship is transformative?

Every redemptive relationshp demands honesty and presence.

Transparency – an openness of heart and thoughts – enables true and caring communication and interaction.

~Keren Hannah Pryor

4 thoughts on “A REDEMPTIVE RELATIONSHIP – 6.46 mins

  1. Hi Keren, WOW……thank you for sharing this personal story. Can’t imagine what you went through at that time in your life. Glad to hear restoration happened as it’s important, especially with parents. Unfortunately, pain seems to be a part of life, but how we deal with it is the key. Not easy, but if we choose G-ds way it can happen. It is true as we forge a deep relationship with G-d, situations can change and we can have peace with those who have hurt us…..truer that ever ~ “honesty & presence ~ an openness of heart and thoughts”. I have found that studying Torah, reading Ethics of the Fathers, Taste of Torah & Dash of Drash and writings from Rabbi Sacks & others have anchored me deep in G-ds truths setting a path of peace & joy which is invaluable. Bless you Keren Xxx

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