What Can We Learn from Job? 6.55 mins

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What Can We Learn from Job? (6.55m)


 At this time of reflection and repentance during the Hebrew month of Elul, and in the light of  the tumultuous times we are living in, the lessons of  Job are particularly relevant.

~ Keren Hannah

3 thoughts on “What Can We Learn from Job? 6.55 mins

  1. Thank you dear Keren for that teaching on Job. I, myself have just finished reading and studying Job and found there were some very profound lessons to learn from the book. I so agree, that it is so meaningful and helpful to ponder on the teaching, in the days we live in and days that lie ahead.
    Bless you and Cindy and thank you for all you send through to me.
    Shalom ….. ” in Your little place in Jerusalem”
    xxx Cheryl

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