The Beauty of Holiness – “Behold the Bridegroom!”

This is a recording of the first time I (Keren Hannah) was invited to share at a conference together with my beloved husband Dwight, of blessed memory. It was held in England, October 2002, with a great group of women – The Lydia Fellowship.

Be looking out and prepared to meet the Bridegroom!

Part 1

How do we do that?
He says: “Remain in my love and in obedience to my commands, that your joy may be full!”

The theme of the conference was: “Behold the Bridegroom. Go out and Meet Him!”

We meet our Beloved at the time of Pesach, the time of the Song of Songs.

Conference verses: Isaiah 62:1-5  and Revelation 19:6-8

Part 2

One facet of the theme verses of the conference was: “And you will be a crown of splendor, a beautiful diadem, in the Lord’s hands.” (Isaiah 62:3).

You were created to love and to be loved.

You were created to be beautiful in a beautiful setting, enjoying and reflecting His great beauty.

Let us allow His beauty and glory to shine forth and bring healing and hope – tikkun olam -to the world around us.


Part 1 Correction – The first guest-house I stayed in, in Israel, was Ayelet HaShachar, which means: Deer of the Dawn.

The Beauty of Holiness Part 1 (29.20 minutes)  

The Beauty of Holiness Part 2 (13.43)

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