LEVITICUS Live – Video and Notes

The exciting and challenging book of Leviticus – VAYIKRA – “And He Called” in Hebrew – is situated at the heart of the Torah. We discover that it truly is the heart, and purity of intention, that matters in our relationship with God.

  • This is a replay of Keren’s LEVITICUS LIVE – 26 March, 2017
  • For your convenience, you can download Keren’s notes here: LEVITICUS LIVE

2 thoughts on “LEVITICUS Live – Video and Notes

  1. I have always love Leviticus. Once the pastor said turn to Rena’s favorite book, Leviticus but after hearing Keren and reading the note again I am so glad I love Leviticus. One of Kerens statements that really stood out is, “Life is a battle against chaos,” to not allow chaos into your life is one of the biggest battles there is. Thank you Keren and Cindy.

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