Special Fall Feast Gift of “A Taste of Torah”


As a surprise Fall Feasts gift, we did a special draw from our
His-Israel friends list for Keren’s “A Taste of Torah”.

Congratulations to JEN COOP!

LeShanah Tovah Tikatevu!
May each and every one of you and your loved ones enjoy a truly good, sweet, and healthy year,
Keren and Cindy

4 thoughts on “Special Fall Feast Gift of “A Taste of Torah”

  1. May you both have a Blessed and Healthy New Year as well! I finished A Taste of Torah a few weeks back, my first time going through the devotional. I so love the way the Lord is opening my heart, mind, soul afresh through this ministry as well as FFOZ. I pray for G-d to strengthen Israel and protect her! I wrote a review on the devotional posting it on book retail sites and my 4 blogs on different dates, plus I share the videos on my blog. They show up on Facebook and Twitter as well. I am so blessed and pray that many will be touched by what you share with people. As a Gentile believer in Yeshua I am learning a whole new way of living and thinking, so please be encouraged and strengthened to continue to share your beautiful heart the heart of the Jewish people, the heart beat of Israel! Shalom!

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