Mazel Tov – Celebration of Israel’s 70th

In celebration of Israel’s 70th year of statehood, we have selected a friend of
HIS-ISRAEL to receive a complimentary copy of Keren’s “A Dash of Drash.”

Mazel tov Cristina East!

What is the meaning of the State of Israel? No single answer can exhaust its meaning. One fact is clear. In no other community do we witness such an intense, ongoing search, such an effort to understand itself in terms of a bigger vision as in Israel. Mere self-preservation is regarded as an inadequate motivation.

Who can fail to sense glory in the reality of a people restored, of a people regaining its dignity, after having been defamed and marked for destruction?

In anticipation of the return to the Land the psalmist sings:
When the Lord brought the exiles back to Zion we were like those who dream.
~ Psalm 126:1
We have not even begun to fathom the meaning of this great event…

The return to the land is a profound indication of the possibility of redemption for all men.
Stand still and behold!

~ Rabbi Joshua Abraham Heschel


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