A Gift of Joy

You cause me to know the path of life: the fullness of joy in Your presence,
bliss from Your right hand forevermore.

Psalm 16:11

Full moon, full harvest, full hearts. As the moon of Tishrei draws to fullness, we are ready to celebrate Sukkot – the Festival of Huts – Tabernacles.
We have experienced the moment of rebirth, the rediscovery of our true identity, the re-examination of ourselves, the return to our true path – at Rosh Hashanah, the moment of the new moon. We have experienced the moment of intense contact and reconciliation with G-d at Yom Kippur, in the swelling of the moon.
And now at the full moon we celebrate Sukkot – the festival of fulfillment, of gathering in the benefits that flower from repentance and forgiveness. The harvest that takes the form of joy and shalom…*

May you enjoy this compilation, a gift from our hearts to yours, during this Season of Joy!

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The Gift of Joy

Keren and Cindy

* Arthur I. Waskow, Seasons Of Our Joy, 56

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