Win a Complimentary Copy of an Abraham Joshua Heschel Book

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Make your choice from the list below!


Enjoy a wonderful adventure this summer into the thoughts, concepts and inspirations of renowned thinker and author, Abraham Joshua Heschel.
Let your thinking be stimulated  and join the discussion.

Write a comment below the posts, either here on the HIS-ISRAEL website or on our Facebook page. Or  simply share the post on your Facebook timeline each week. You are awarded one entry for each comment or share.

The final draw will be made at the conclusion of the series and the winner will be announced on the website and on the His-Israel Facebook page.

 Choose from this amazing list of books, one of which Keren will be featuring each week:
  1. Man Is Not Alone
  2. The Sabbath
  3. Israel – An Echo Of Eternity
  4. I Asked For Wonder
  5. The Prophets
* The draw for the winner will take place on 23 August, 2019
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15 thoughts on “Win a Complimentary Copy of an Abraham Joshua Heschel Book

  1. I love Abraham Joshua Heschel! I fondly recall reading the prologue/introduction of God in Search Man and crying. His writing is full of so much true and clarity, it was like the most refreshing breath of air. I couldn’t help myself. The Shabbat is also a treat. I recommend it to anyone who wants to better understand the Shabbat. Again, he captures a beauty and clarity about it that is unparalleled.

    • Sarah I agree – his writing truly is the most refreshing breath of air <3 What amazes me is I go back and go back and go back to his books and always catch something new. There is just too much in each sentence to take in with just one read.

    • So happy you also are a ‘fan’ of Abraham Joshua Heschel’s, Sarah. He challenges one’s thinking, and, at the same time, brings such sparkling refreshment to one’s soul.
      We will be looking into his ‘The Sabbath’ next and also ‘God in Search of Man’ at some point.

  2. I am familiar with Abraham Joshua Heschel but I am ashamed to admit I have not read any of his books. Looking forward to these posts. Some his quotes that I have heard are wonderful. The title of the book “God in Search of Man” is an amazingly captivating title!

    • Teresa, his writing is immensely rich and takes some chewing over and digesting…but, as you so well described, it is all ‘amazingly captivating’. Because it is truth that flows from the heart.

  3. I am not familiar with Abraham Joshua Heschel, but I do look forward to read his books. Thank you Karen for what you are doing in His kingdom in sharing valuable teachings from the Hebraic perspective. May His Shalom be with you as you go.

  4. I first heard of him in college, when I began to study Judaism, and even owned some of his books. He is fascinating in his use of Hasidic philosophy! Glad you are teaching on his writings!

    • Thanks David; yes, his understanding and unique application of Hassidic philosophy is very much at the heart of his writing. While not actually teaching on his writings here, the most rewarding thing is simply to read excerpts from his works and to allow his amazing words to speak for themselves!

  5. Enjoy very much his book, the Sabbath. There is Chinese translation and it’s distributed in some Chinese church in Shanghai.

  6. I never heard of Abraham Joshua Heschel before, but now I found his books on amazon and I’m looking forward to read them. Thank you

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