Shalom to all…


Our Aims :

      (1) To inspire thinking and ignite deeper spiritual growth, in His Word and by His Spirit.
(Zechariah 4:6)

    (2) To fully stand with, and have His heart for, His Land and people, Israel, together with the full redemption of the nations.


 “The Lord is zealous for His Land”…and so are we!
Joel 2:18


pause and refect     Why HIS-Israel?

H-I-S       Hebraic, Interactive, Scripture-based 


A vital component of all that God is restoring worldwide, and in particular to Christians who are seeking the vitality of the roots of their faith, is a paradigm shift in thinking through the understanding and appreciation of the HEBRAIC mindset. In other words, a worldview seen through a Judaic lens that was  the view of Yeshua/Jesus and his talmidim/disciples.



The Hebraic perspective and understanding of Scripture is directly influenced by the vitally restored Hebrew language. We offer glimpses and highlights; also a series for Beginners. Hebrew Bytes – Yvrit Le’at Le’at (Hebrew Slowly Slowly!) is based on the names of the weekly Torah portion.  We encourage you to enjoy the language and to study further, to whatever degree possible.





With all you are learning, you now need to do something! Such as…

  1. Become an ambassador for God’s Redemptive work in Israel for “a time such as this!”  Find out clear, on-the-ground facts and information and find creative ways to share with others.  We hope we can provide you with meaningful and friendly means to do just that.
  2.  Come! The best interaction you can have with the Land of Israel is to visit and experience it if at all possible. Bring your gifts, the main of which is yourself, and receive the gifts Israel has to offer. 
  3. Get in Sync with the Biblical Calendar!!  In the light of the eschatalogical time in which we are living , it is spiritually and physically important, as well as edifying, to get in sync with our Father’s timeframe of the Hebrew calendar and actively to participate in the rhythm and flow of the Biblical Festival Cycle. Again…learn, do, share! 

See Hebrew Months,  Annual Festivals and DIY Feasts for descriptions of the  Feasts and for practical, and fun-for-children, ways to celebrate and to incorporate them in a relevant and meaningful way with your family.




His Word is the Rock upon which we stand; one which will endure forever though all else fades (Isaiah 40:8; 1 Peter 1:20).  The accurate and meaningful interpretation of the Bible, both the Hebrew Scriptures and the Apostolic writings, from the Hebraic perspective is vital to our understanding of His precious Word. 




We trust this will be a safe meeting place. We therefore ask for respect and for a willingness to hear and question and learn. Please feel free to make respectful comments and enter into honest conversation on the website. We all are on the “Continuing Quest” and it helps to share along the way.

We hope you will join us and enjoy the journey forward together!

Le’maan Shemo b’Ahavah.     For the sake of His Name in Love.

Keren   and   Cindy    


KEREN HANNAH GOLAN PRYOR  (Jerusalem, Israel) 

and CINDY ELLIOTT (Bay City, Texas)









23 thoughts on “Shalom to all…

  1. Thank you girls for your lovely encouragement.
    Must say, Keren, how much I am now enjoying ‘A Dash of Drash’, which Diana recommend. I now proceed to it
    after studying your ‘A Taste of Torah’ on Shabbat in the mornings, which has helped me so much with the five Books of Moses. So much appreciate all of you people that listen to God’s voice and are used as His vessels.

    Many Blessing to you both.
    Shabbat Shalom.

  2. Jenny… it is our pleasure and privilege to be serving the Lord and yourself, along with all who join us on His-Israel. It is the goal of our lives to keep learning and growing, doing and sharing, for the sake of His Kingdom in this world. We are thrilled that you are journeying together with us on this quest!

  3. I was so blessed to see Keren on TV this morning (In the Last Days), and I would so love to learn the Hebrew words and meanings that I saw. Was thrilled with the Hebrew meaning of Amen, Glory!!! How do I join your study/group/teaching whatever?? Your help would be much appreciated. The Lord bless you, June Clapp.

  4. Hello dear June! I’m happy you enjoyed the programme and that you are inspired to make a start with Hebrew. The main thing, as you said, is to relax and enjoy it as you begin to learn the letters and words. Each one a treasure. The Lord will bless as you learn His language! 🙂
    Love and blessings from Jerusalem, Keren

  5. I have subscribed to the YouTube teaching videos and currently am using A Taste of Torah for my deovtinal. I want to thank the author for writing this as it has expanded my heart for understanding the Torah and deepened my love & relationship with God. As a Gentile I want others to know about the richness of the Torah so I have been sharing the videos on my blog site and writing reviews of books I read. I also want to say that on page 165 we are encouraged to rad 1 Cor. 21:12-20 and there is no Scripture in 1 or 2 Corinthians that has 21 chapters. Was there meant to be a different reading? I thank you again Keren for sharing with us the wisdom God has bestowed on you! Shalom!

  6. I have been prayiing and longing to find insightful Torah teaching and discipleship from women. I am no where near a Torah observant community and at times feel lonely. Torah is meant to be walked out within a community of like minded people and I am so very thankful to the L-rd that He has brought me to your site. Thank you for allowing G-d to use you to feed my soul and give such encouragement through truth and conviction.

    In our Messiah ,

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