A Mountain of Blintzes

A mountain of blintzes to make us think of the mountain Moses climbed. Up and down he went, to bring us the Torah, the Laws of G-d’s Kingdom.


Barbara Diamond
illustrated by Anik McGrory

“Such an important holiday!” said Sarah. “When Moses went to the top of the mountain to meet G-d and receive the Laws – such a meeting! Can you imagine? “What a celebration we could have! What a mountain of blintzes I could make! If only…”

Shavuot is only two weeks away and Sarah is thinking about the mountain of blintzes she is hoping to make for her family. But, there is one problem – they have no spare money for the ingredients.

Sarah and Max come up with a scheme for making the much needed extra money. With every good intention of daily putting their hard earned coins into a coin box, Shavuot draws near and the entire family gathers to open the coin box only to find there is not one coin inside!

Set in the 1920’s in the Catskill Mountains A Mountain of Blintzes is a sweet story of a family pulling together. With truly delightful illustrations and a story with a touch of the tradition of Chelm, A Mountain of Blintzes is a Shavuot treat!

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A Mountain of Blintzes

Author Barbara Diamond has given HIS-ISRAEL permission to share her mother’s recipe for blintzes in our DIY Shavuot – take a look – click on this link.

~ Review by Cindy

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