And the Sea is Never Full – Part 2 – SCARS

October 5, 1973. The Yom Kippur War, terrible and shattering. We learn the news during services. Rabbi Joseph Lookstein, dressed in white as was the High Priest of long ago, asks the congregation to pray with increased fervor.

Ani Ma’amin – I Believe…a Song of Lost and Found Again. …For me it was a call to faith and an affirmation that even though he was late, the Redeemer would make his appearance one day.

Later I heard that the Jews on their way to Treblinka and Birkenau had sung that song, as if to defy death. And I failed to understand: How could they believe in the coming of the Messiah over there? From where did they draw their faith in Divine kindness and grace?


Part 2 – Scars – 15.58 minutes


One thought on “And the Sea is Never Full – Part 2 – SCARS

  1. I can’t image how oppressive life was and is for Israel’s when it seems they face off against the whole world. Maybe it is a little like the oppression we believers in America have living with so much immorality, hatred and unkindness we know have. It is not just in our government but everywhere we turn. Praying for Israel daily. I did enjoy this reading, thank you Keren.

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