First Night Hanukkah Blessings with Keren

The first night of Hanukkah blessings and instructions on how to light the lights HERE

Hanukkah Candle-lighting dates,  2015 

Set candles from right to left. After lighting the Shammash (set apart Servant candle) use it to light the newest candle first, and then the others – going from left to right.

First night        – Shammash and 1 candle  – evening of   6th December
Second night   – Shammash and 2 candles – evening of  7th December
Third night       – Shammash and 3 candles – evening of  8th December
Fourth night     – Shammash and 4 candles – evening of  9th December
Fifth night        – Shammash and 5 candles – evening of 10th December
Sixth  night      – Shammash and 6 candles – evening of 11th December
Seventh night  – Shammash and 7 candles – evening of 12th December
Eighth night     – Shammash and 8 candles – evening of 13th December

Blue ManEnjoy a beautifully illustrated First Night (or any night) Hanukkah story here:

One Candle – Read by Keren