Make Your Own Decorative Dreidel


To make your own dreidels:

  1. Download a template HERE. A copy machine can adjust the template to the size you want and reproduce them on colored stock.
  2. Carefully cut out all the shapes indicated by solid lines only; use scissors for regular cuts and your X-Acto knife for hard-to-reach cuts.
  3. Color in the Hebrew letters.
  4. Score on the dotted lines to make folding easier.
  5. Working with the side first – apply glue to all “glue here” areas. Carefully bend all pieces on the body of the dreidel, then press down the glued flap.
  6. Follow with the bottom.
  7. If you would like to hang your dreidel from a string (as pictured below), be sure to punch a hole, using a skewer, in the top of the handle while it is still flat. Pull a string through the hold. Knot at the end, so the string doesn’t slip through the hole. Now, glue the flaps on the tiny handle and paste onto the top lid.
  8. Last, glue the top lid where indicated and close up carefully.

My daughter and I (Cindy) have made these more than once over the years, both hanging them with strings (as show below) and as little gift boxes filled with candy or chocolate gelt (as shown above).


paper dreidels doorway w type

A big thank you to Rita Milos Brownstein for allowing us to share her dreidel template and instructions from her book Jewish Holiday Style – A Beautiful Guide To Celebrating The Jewish Rituals In Style. You can visit Rita at Design Megillah