To Love and Be Loved – 3.20 mins


My Little Place In Jerusalem 5To Love And Be Loved – 3.20 minutes


At the very heart of life, at the central core of God’s plan of Creation, is the action of loving and of being loved.

The more intimately one knows the other, the deeper and greater the blessings, and the heartaches, become.

~ Keren Hannah Pryor

HOLY TIME? 5.15 mins

My Little Place In Jerusalem 5

Holiness of Time – 5.15 minutes


We are defined by who we are and not by the material things we have.

Become attuned to the holiness in time.

To light the Sabbath candles is our way of creating light; and of remembering that He is the Source of Light and that in His light we see light.

~ Keren Hannah Pryor

HOLINESS? 4.46 mins

My Little Place In Jerusalem 5


What Is Holiness? – 4.45 minutes  


God – HaKadosh Baruch Hu, The Holy, Blessed be He, is the Source of holiness.
We can partake of His holiness in relationship with Him, and as we participate with Him in holy actions that are in accord with His will.

~ Keren Hannah Pryor

BLESSING As A Divine Partnership – 4.26 mins

My Little Place In Jerusalem 5Blessing As A Divine Partnership – 4.26 minutes


God respects and will honor the words we speak both in prayer and in blessing.
We are able to pass on His blessing to others.

~ Keren Hannah Pryor


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WELCOME to My Little Place in Jerusalem


My Little Place In Jerusalem 5

WELCOME – to My Little Place in Jerusalem

Jerusalem has been called many things – the Center of the Universe, the joy of the whole earth, the connection between Heaven and Earth, the Holy City, the City of the Great King. All these are true and are only the tip of the iceberg of all that she truly is. Another well-known attribute, spoken by the prophet Isaiah, is that: “… out of Zion shall go the Torah, and the word of the Lord from Jerusalem” (2:3).

He calls, He places and He gives voice.  So, from my little place in Jerusalem, I offer my small voice in His praise and le’ma’an Shmo, be’ahavah – for the sake of His Name, in love.


~ Keren Hannah


We are offering this selection of short MP3 teachings for your enjoyment and edification.

The MP3s are of varying lengths and content. They are downloadable to your listening devices or can be enjoyed on the website. So, pour a coffee, or cuppa tea, relax, listen, and join me in exploring and considering concepts from His amazing Torah (teachings), coming to you from the heart of  Jerusalem.



We come to you, Jerusalem, to build your ruins.

To mend our souls and to seek comfort for God and men.

We, a people of orphans, have entered her walls to greet the widow, Jerusalem, and the widow has become a bride again.

Spiritually, I am a native of Jerusalem. I have prayed here all my life.

My hopes have their home in these hills.

~ Abraham Joshua Heschel