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In His Name


His Name – His signature as an artist, as Creator of all, can be found in everything He has created. His Name is there if you look intentionally and have eyes to see. As His children, as human beings, we carry His name in a very important and special way.

YHVH – Yod – Hei – Vav – Hei   

We  physically carry the shapes of the Hebrew letters of His Holy Name.

The yod neatly fits your head.

Your arms fit the shape of the  hei.

The elongated vav represents your spine.

And the final  hei fits the shape of your legs.

We literally carry the letters of His Name with us. Each person is a work of art signed by the Great Artist. Even the angels are in awe when theysee a person approaching and they say, “Make way, Make way! Here comes someone bearing the Holy Name of God!”

In our daily living we either honor and bring glory to that Name or else we debase or dishonor it. Fittingly, in all Creation, only man has that choice.

What does the term ‘hallowed’ mean?

To hallow or honor God’s name is the exact opposite of profaning the name of God –
to bring dishonor to God’s name as opposed to sanctifying it.

The concept plays an important part in our Father’s process of the restoration of all things. He has promised, in effect, just as He delivered the Israelites from Egypt: “I’m going to restore you as a people.” This promise can be applied to His people Israel, an individual person, a congregation, or a community. Why the restoration? His reply: “…because I want My Name to be honored among the nations.”

From the very beginning, the purpose for every restoration, every redemption of God, has been in order that His Name might be honored and lifted up. Again, in effect, just as He said to the Israelites, He says:  “You have profaned it through sin and weakness but I’m going to do something through you. Through each one who bears My name, My name can be honored, be sanctified, and hallowed.”

What can we understand from this? It’s our responsibility to show His name as holy–Kadosh. God is the Redeemer, the Restorer of all things good, but the responsibility that accrues to us is how we carry that Name, treasure it, and enable it to be seen as holy in the world.

Another question arises. How do we make His name holy? How do we hallow and exalt His name? We do through our actions as well as our minds and spirits. Our deeds speak His Name, from something seemingly small – such as a smile to a beggar, a kind word to one in distress, using one’s gifts and talents to bless others, dealing openly and honestly in our work situations, and honoring the elderly – to something visibly bigger such as doing a great deed of charity, excelling in ministry, or gaining fame as an artist or musician. If the motivation of our every action is to honor our Father and bring glory to His Name, all we do will bring Him great pleasure and will be of eternal value in His eyes.

Baruch HaShem! May His great Name be blessed indeed!

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  1. This came as a wonderful blessing to me this morning.
    Now I keep on thinking about it …… 🙂

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