Jot & Tittle and Search The Sidra


With the new cycle just weeks away, I (Cindy) thought I’d share a couple of resources that my family and I have used in conjunction with our past Shabbat Torah Studies. Setting family time aside each week to study Hebrew together, in conjunction with the Bible, is  a wonderfully enriching experience.


by Pat Feinberg

Jot & Tittle is for the beginning Hebrew reader and introduces the Hebrew Alefbet in both block and cursive — and as a bonus — through the weekly Torah portions. You’ll learn the Torah portion name  — what the name means and related words — and will get practice in both reading and writing Hebrew.

Weekly lessons are just two pages long and take less than 30 minutes. At the completion of each book of the Torah you are given a fun review.


by Pat Feinberg 

Search the Sidra (which is another name for ‘Torah portion’)  goes a bit deeper than Jot & Tittle by mining the weekly Torah portions for Hebrew nuggets. Each week includes the first verse of each Torah portion from which you’ll learn a little Hebrew vocabulary and even a bit of grammar.

Each lesson includes a wordsearch, crossword puzzle, word matches, a scroll for you to search and even a little doodle for you to complete with the cursive Alefbet.

Search the Sidra takes a wee bit longer than Jot & Tittle with weekly lessons four pages long.

Both workbooks can be found at First Fruits of Zion.


*With both books I found that stripping off the cover and putting the pages in a binder made them easier for use.

5 thoughts on “Jot & Tittle and Search The Sidra

  1. toda rabah bishvil hainformatziyah. I’ve never remembered seeing these books
    on the ffoz website. since I am not living in Israel since leaving in 2008, one thing I
    miss tremendously, is hearing Hebrew. when I made aliyah in 1997, I hoped I would be
    able to learn ivrit. I felt so blessed when I was understanding more Hebrew listening to
    the radio while on the autobus and overhearing peoples conversation’s on the bus.
    I really miss living there.

    • Shalom again Mike. I hope you are able to join in with our recently started live recordings of the HEBREW BYTES course for Beginners. At least it’s a little voice from Israel even if not a busload of conversations. 🙂

  2. Chag Sameach and Shanah Tovah Mike! I know what you mean about missing living here and hearing Hebrew all around when one is chutz l’Aretz. Please be encouraged to keep up with Hebrew one way or another, however possible. It really is a living link with the Land – ad a comfort to the soul!

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