“Trees. Leaves, twigs, branches, bark-covered trunks, roots going down into dark, damp soil. Shields for the earth against the searing sun and drying winds. This is the story of one land and its trees. It begins a long, long, very long time ago…”

behold the treesBehold the Trees

by Sue Alexander

 “Oak and almond, fig and olive, terebinth and palm, acacia and pomegranate, willow and tamarisk. They grew wild when the land was called Canaan. They grew at the edge of the Great Sea, in the valleys and on the hillsides, along the shore of the Sea of Chinnereth, and on the oases of the wilderness. Living, life-giving trees.”

One of my favorite family traditions is to read together. Though my daughter is now 24, we continue to enjoy our favorite reads when she is home for the holidays — and chief among our reads are many picture books.

With it’s dramatic prose and breath-taking illustrations — though a wonderful read for any day of the year — Behold the Trees is a perfect read for Tu B’Shevat.

Leonid Gore’s stunning illustrations and Sue Alexander’s dramatic prose tell the story of Israel through the fate of its trees. A beautiful and stirring children’s book, dramatizing a story of destruction and renewal, Behold the Trees is a book for all ages.



~ Cindy

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