Being Holy; Being Whole – IYYAR

IYYAR is a month of healing. The Hebrew letters that spell Iyyar are alephyodresh – א י ר. They are an acronym for: “Ani YHVH Rofecha” – “I Am the Lord Your Healer!”

Significant healing takes place in the heart, which is the seat of understanding and the place where the beliefs and concepts that make up who we are are stored.

THEME: The Connection of Thought and the Heart

QUOTE: “Faith exists only in the imagination. In that sphere which the mind is able to comprehend, the concept of faith cannot exist.” ~ Rebbe Nachman

PSALM 32: describes God-Who-Envelops-In-Chessed/Lovingkindness

IYYAR – Being Holy, Being Whole – Notes

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