BHBW – SIMPLIFY AND SOAR : Introduction and Special Invitation for Women


2022 – 2023



“I would love to live like a river flows, carried by the surprise of its own unfolding.”

~ John O’Donohue

Dear friends and fellow-seekers,

The new Hebrew month cycle is fast approaching, beginning with the month of Nissan (2nd April), and it is time to consider the continuation of our spiritual journey. As we move forward in the recurring cycle it is good to remind ourselves of the dual nature of time echoed in the Hebrew word for year – shanah, which is a derivative of shoneh – meaning change. Time repeats itself but in a new form. We pass through the same set appointments in time each year, yet each year offers new vision, new challenges, and new inspiration. We are trusting and expecting a sharpening and deepening of our vision and our relationships through this year of 2022!

The monthly cycle of the moon is supernaturally linked with a woman’s cycle. As women, we have a unique contribution to make in G-d’s ultimate purpose of Creation. We have a vital role to play in reversing the curse that occurred at the expulsion from Gan Eden and in bringing a redemptive restoration of the beauty of the Garden of G-d and the Delight of His Presence. 


Our vision for this new cycle Simplify and Soar! is to enjoy a deeper Hebraic learning experience together – with an emphasis on relaxed sharing, participation, and discussion.

How can we do this?

    1. The lunar Rosh Chodesh cycle reflects the feminine cycles of life, and each month we will focus on key topics that relate particularly to women. You will receive Notes for each month, which will be the focus of our discussion. These will be posted on His-Israel’s “Being Holy Being Whole” Facebook Group page. Please join us there if you have not already done so. 
    2. For those who join as Patrons on our community at Patreon, Keren will lead an open forum in a monthly ClickMeeting, which will offer the opportunity to share and discuss the monthly topics. This will also be recorded and posted on the Being Holy Being Whole Patreon site.

We hope you will consider becoming a supporter of His-Israel’s work and joining our BHBW community as a patron on the Being Holy Being Whole PATREON site.

You can explore the site at this link:

Below you will find a calendar of the planned topics for the first six months of Simplify and Soar!

Blessings of love, strength, and inspiration as we continue the sacred journey together.

May all be done for His holy Name’s sake, in love.

Keren Hannah 

2022 – 5782

NISSAN        2 March – 1 May                               SLOWING DOWN  

IYYAR           2 May  – 30 May                                SIMPLIFYING

SIVAN          31 May – 29 June                             SENSING  (The 5 senses and Intuition)

TAMMUZ     30 June – 28 July                            SURRENDERING  

AV                  29 July – 27 August                        SELF CARE

ELUL            28 August – 25 September          SAFE HAVEN

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  1. I am looking forward to this journey. Thank you both for all of the work you put into this group. Know from me, it’s much appreciated. Shabbat Shalom y’all.

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