Biblical Month 5 – AV Live – Video

AV – The Paradoxical Month

The themes of the month of Av ultimately represent the balance of elements we deal with constantly on our journey through life. The truth and blessing to uncover is that the loving hand of our Father in Heaven is there to help and support us through it all.

Throughout all the ravages of man against G-d’s people, His mighty and merciful hand has lifted and sustained us, and helped us to transform the tragedy into positive action; the misery into repentance and forgiveness; the desolation into redemption.

                       ~Keren Hannah Pryor 


May it be Your will, O Lord, our G-d and the G-d of our forefathers, that You inaugurate this month of Av upon us for goodness and for blessing.

Abba, Father, may You give us long life, a life of peace – Shalom
a life of goodness – Tovah
a life of blessing – Bracha
a life of sustenance – Parnassa
a life of physical health – Hilutz Atzamot
a life in which there is a fear of heaven and fear of sin – Yirat Shamayim ve’ Yirat Chet
a life in which there is no humiliation – Ein Busha u’Chlimah
a life of wealth and honor – Osher ve’Kavod
a life in which we will have love of Torah and awe and reverence of G-d – Ahavat Torah ve’Yirat HaShem
a life walked more fully for Your glory in Adoneinu Yeshua, our Messiah and Lord.

Amen. Selah.

* From a theatrical release poster for Schindler’s List

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