BODY AND SOUL: The State of the Jewish Nation

This film was necessary to make as a way to understand the centrality of Israel to the Jewish identity…

The campaigns to erase Jewish history are getting stronger, and even though their arguments make no sense, if its repeated enough people will buy it.*

PosterBody and Soul: The State of the Jewish Nation
Gloria Greenfield
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Body and Soul: The State of the Jewish Nation, is an informative and inspiring film that recounts the story of the Jewish people, the Land of Israel, and their undeniable connection. Featuring commentary from over three dozen historians, archaeologists, lawyers, religious leaders, and diplomats, Body and Soul: The State of the Jewish Nation recounts the 3500 year saga of residency, exile, and return.

Palestinians were given a fictional national identity, a national identity invented solely for the purpose of destroying a true one … Many people subscribe to this mad narrative who are not irrational or haters of Jews, but believe in justice. They believe lies, that illegality is law. Many millions have been fed a big lie.**

Addressing misinformation, propaganda, and outright lies that are being spoken and accepted as truth, this short film (65 minutes) sets the record straight. Though it may not contain anything new, per se, to those who are lovers of Israel and the Jewish people, there is value in hearing the truth spoken clearly and succinctly. This documentary goes a long way in strengthening those of us who stand with Israel against gales of ignorance and Anti-Semitism.

Understanding that we live in an ahistorical society,  Body and Soul: the State of the Jewish Nation is an invaluable film to share with those who have gained their understanding of history from the media and Hollywood, or who have been indoctrinated elsewhere with the pseudo-historical anti-Israel narrative.

Eventually this valuable film will be for sale via At this time, you can buy or rent Body and Soul: The State of the Jewish Nation via iTunes or visit Body and Soul The Movie in order to purchase this important documentary.

Enjoy the trailer for Body and Soul: The State of Jewish Nation below.

In order to construct a society you need a land … Jews have lived on every corner of the globe in 4000 years … Only in one place have they ever been able to do what every other nation takes as an elementary right – to construct a society according to their own values and that is Israel.
~ Rabbi Sacks

~ Review by Cindy

* Gloria Greenfield as quoted by Maya Shwayder in The Jerusalem Post, ‘Body & Soul’ – New documentary on history of Jews receives warm reception in New York
** Melanie Phillips, British journalist and political commentator

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    1. Irma it is indeed.

      The filmmaker – Gloria Greenfield – has made two other movies – – The Case for Israel Democracy’s Outpost and Unmasked Judeophobia – – both of which I am looking forward to seeing. When Gloria was asked in an interview what drove her to do these films she said she feels a strong obligation and responsibility for the protection and well being of the Jewish nation, both as a people and as a state. Her father told her after the Shoah that if the lives of the Jewish people were ever threatened again that she should ‘go fight” and these movies are her way of fighting.

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