The Sabbath – To Sanctify Time (3)

The Sabbath - Heschel


To Sanctify Time [Epilogue] – 5.45 minutes 


Our world is a world of space moving through time –
from the Beginning to the End of Days.

One good hour may be worth a lifetime; an instant in returning to God may restore what has been lost in years of escaping from Him.

It is the dimension of time wherein man meets God, wherein man becomes aware that every instant is an act of creation.

To witness the perpetual marvel of the world’s coming into being is to sense the Giver in the given, to realize that the source of time is eternity, that the secret of being is the eternal within time.

The Sabbath leads us to a realm of endless peace, or to the beginning of an awareness of what eternity means.


Keren Hannah

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The Sabbath


The Sabbath – A Palace In Time (2)

The Sabbath - Heschel


A Palace In Time  [Chapter One] – 5.21 minutes


Six days a week we wrestle with the world, wringing profit from the earth;
on the Sabbath we particularly care for the seed of eternity planted in the soul.
The world has our hands, but our soul belongs to Someone Else.

The seventh day day is a palace in time which we build.

What was created on the seventh day? Tranquility, serenity, peace and repose.


Keren Hannah

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The Sabbath


The Sabbath – Architecture of Time (1)

The Sabbath - Heschel

Architecture of Time – Prologue  – 5 minutes 


There is a realm of time where the goal is not to have but to be, not to own but to give, not to control but to share, not to subdue but to be in accord.

The higher goal of spiritual living is not to amass a wealth of information but to face sacred moments.

The main themes of faith lie in the realm of time. We remember the day of the Exodus from Egypt, the day when Israel stood at Mount Sinai;

and our Messianic hope is the expectation of a day,
of the end of days.


Keren Hannah

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The Sabbath


ISRAEL An Echo Of Eternity (3) – The Final Redemption

Israel - Echo


The Final Redemption – 13.47 minutes


Not only is Redemption necessary for man, man is a necessity to Redemption. His actions are vital and affect the course of the process. Man holds the key that can unlock the chains fettering the Redeemer.

The heart of the relationship of God and man is reciprocity, interdependence. The task is to humanize the sacred and to sactify the secular.

The hope is for universal Redemption, for ontological transformation. Yet it seems that fulfillment will come about by degrees. …The point in history at which that restoration [of His Kingdom] will take place remains the secret of the Father.

“It was a hatred without cause that brought about the destruction of the Second Temple. It will be love without cause that will save Israel and all mankind.”
~ First Chief  Rabbi of British Mandate Palestine/Israel, Rabbi Avraham Yitzchak Kook


~ Keren Hannah


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Israel: An Echo of Eternity

ISRAEL An Echo Of Eternity (2) – Jerusalem And The Wall

Israel - Echo

Jerusalem And The Wall – 9.25 minutes


This is a city never indifferent to the sky. …Prayers are vibrant. The Sabbath finds it hard to go away. Here Isaiah heard:

Holy, holy, holy is the Lord of hosts;
the whole earth is full of His glory.  (6:3)

No words more magnificent have ever been uttered. Here was the Holy of Holies.

Jerusalem has the look of a place that is looked at… “the eyes of the Lord your God are always upon it, from the beginning of the year till the end of the year.” (Deut 11:12)
Psalms inhabit the hills, the air is HalleluYah!

What is the Wall? The unceasing marvel. Expectations.
The Wall will not perish. The Redeemer will come.

Silence. I hug the stones; I pray. O Rock of Israel, make our faith strong and Your words luminous in our hearts and minds. Pour holiness into our moments.

Once you have lived a moment at the Wall, you never go away.


~ Keren Hannah


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Israel: An Echo of Eternity

ISRAEL An Echo Of Eternity (1) – The People And The Land

Israel - Echo
The People And The Land – 9.50 minutes


Israel reborn represents a breakthrough into whole new areas of experience and understanding. It defies conventional conceptions, ordinary expectations.
Its essence is a proclamation.

Israel is a miracle in disguise. Things look natural and conceal what is a radical surprise. Zion rebuilt becomes a harbinger of a new understanding, of how history is intertwined with mystery.

Israel is the opposite of commonplace, it is an extraordinary place, and it is on the verge of the extraordinary that we may encounter the marvel….It is an accord of a Divine promise and a human achievement.

To the Jewish people, Eretz Israel is home, hope  and all they can call their own.
It is not only memory, our past, that ties us to the Land, it is our hope, our future.

~ Keren Hannah

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Israel: An Echo of Eternity

Man Is Not Alone (3) – Religion And Faith – The Holy Dimension

Man Is Not AloneReligion And Faith – 3.50 minutes


Religion for religion’s sake is idolatry.
True religion is for God’s sake.
The goal is “to do justly, to love mercy and to walk humbly with thy God.”
All existence stands in the dimension of the holy…
There is no escape from God.

~ Keren Hannah


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Man Is Not Alone : A Philosophy of Religion

Man Is Not Alone (2) – Man Is Needed By God

Man Is Not Alone

Man Is Needed By God – 4.01 minutes   [from Ch.20 The Essence of Man]


There is only one way to fumigate the obnoxious air of our world – to live beyond our own needs and interests.
…How can man succeed in breaking out of the circle of his self?

Our needs are temporal, while our being needed is lasting.

The souls of men are candles of the Lord …and every soul is indispensable to Him.

~ Keren Hannah


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Man Is Not Alone : A Philosophy of Religion

Man Is Not Alone (1) – Man Stands Between God And The Beasts

Man Is Not Alone


* Man is always faced with the choice of listening either to God or to the snake.

* Man is the knot in which heaven and earth are interlaced.


Between God and the Beasts   3.25 mins. [from Ch.20 – The Essence of Man]


More from: ‘Man is Not Alone’

[from Ch.15 The Divine Concern]

The concern for others is not an extension in breadth but an ascension, a rise. Man reaches a new vertical dimension, the dimension of the holy, when he grows beyond his self interests, when that which is of interest to others becomes vital to him.

…The self, the fellow-man and the dimension of the holy are the three dimensions of a mature human concern.

…Our first impulse is self-preservation. …If life is holy, as we believe it is, then self-regard is that which maintains the holy. …The moral task is not how to disregard one’s own self but how to discover and be attentive to another self.

The self is not evil. The precept: “Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself,” includes the care of one’s own self as a duty. …To serve does not mean to surrender but to share.

“Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself,” concludes with the words: “I Am the Lord.” It is this conclusion that contains the ultimate reason for that solemn command. True and timeless is the command; but if God were not God, there would be no truth, no timelessness and no such command.

~Keren Hannah


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Man Is Not Alone : A Philosophy of Religion

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‘Winter with Elie Wiesel’ Winner

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Open Heart – Part 3 – TOWARDS THE END

Everything exhausts me. To breathe, to open my eyes, to think – everyting brings renewed agony. Am I out of danger? Not yet. …The doctors try to convince me that from now on, for a few days, a few weeks, I must be patient, that the feeling of being cut into pieces will disappear. But when? …The oppression lasts thirty-six hours, perhaps two days. An eternity during which I can do nothing without help. …On the third day, I am at last able to leave my bed. Then my room, to walk a few steps in the hallway.

One day at the begining of my convalescence, little Elijah, five years old, comes to pay me a visit. I hug him and tell him, “Every time I see you, my life becomes a gift.” He observes me closely as I speak and then, with a serious mien, responds: “Grandpa, you know that I love you, and I see you are in pain. Tell me: If I loved you more, would you be in less pain?” I am convinced that God at that moment is smiling as He contemplates His creation.


Open Heart – Part 3 – TOWARDS THE END – 9.14 mins


“Elisha,” I say very quietly. My son hears me: “What can I do for you?” … I motion him to approach. Now he is very close to my bed. He takes my hand in his and caresses it gently. I try to squeeze his hand but I don’t succeed. I know that he wishes to transmit to me his strength, his faith in my recovery.

Is one ever ready? Some of the ancient Greek philosophers, as well as some Hassidic masters, claimed to have spent their lifetimes preparing for death. Well. the Jewish tradition counsels another way: We sanctify life, not death. ‘Ubakharta bakhaim,’ says Scripture: “You shall choose life” and the living. With the promise to live a better, more moral, more humane life. This is what man’s efforts should be directed to.


Open Heart – Part 2 – POST-SURGERY REFLECTIONS – 9.21 mins

Open Heart – Part 1 – “IT’S YOUR HEART!”


My wife, Marion, and I have just returned from Jerusalem, where, every year, we spend the holiday of Shavuot with close friends. …This time, in Jerusalem, it had all gone well. No terrorist attacks. No border incidents. …But now, back in New York, suddenly my body revolts.”It’s certainly the heart.” Ominous words, inducing fear and the promise of more pain. Or worse.


Open Heart – Part 1 – IT’S YOUR HEART! – 10.30 mins


And the Sea is Never Full – Part 3 – PEACE AND HATE

Was it Oscar Wilde who was wise enough to say that he who lives more than one life ends up dying more than one death? I have lived a few lives. How does one relate to the other? I look for the life of the boy from Sighet in that of the orphan abandoned at Buchenwald.

With a Nobel Prize come quite a few lessons. For one, you learn who is a friend and who is not. Contrary to popular wisdom, a friend is not one who shares your suffering, but one who knows how to share your joy.

Nothing good, nothing great, nothing that is alive, can be born of hate. Hate begets only hate.


Part 3 – The Nobel Peace Prize – 13.37 minutes