B’yado – In His Hand

Lullabies are very special songs. They stay with us throughout our lives and bring back to us warmth, good feelings, our childhood homes, and our parent’s voice.

Elie Wiesel wrote a beautiful essay, called “Echoes of Yesterday,” for the Yeshiva University Centennial, in which he recalls a childhood Yiddishe lullaby, “Oifn pripitchik.” He writes:

‘Oifn pripitchik brennt a fiery.’

I remember the lullaby, so beautiful and moving. It accompanies me and haunts me. Thanks to it, words start singing on my lips and on my pen.*


B’YADO ~ In His Hand
A Lullaby From Celebrate Jewish Lullabies

Who doesn’t love a sweet lullaby? For me (Cindy) lullabies tug at the strings of my heart and bring back precious memories of bedtimes when my daughter Roxanne was young.

Download lyrics, Hebrew transliteration and English, here.

You can listen to B’yado at Reverbnation – sung by David Paskin.

B’yado – In His Hand – a lullaby to sing to your babies, your grand-babies, or to simply listen to as you fall asleep. You can purchase B’yado via iTunes


Also available from Amazon.com B’yado.

* Dov Peretz Elkins, Jewish Stories form Heaven and Earth: Inspiring Tales to Nourish the Heart and Soul, pg. 57

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