Calling All Cooks And Food Lovers

Calling All CooksWe are appealing to all cooks and bakers asking you to submit your favorite recipes – from everyday cooking and snacks to Feast day menus. The recipes will be posted on HIS-ISRAEL under The Food Pantry for all to enjoy.

As well as having the selection available for your enjoyment on the website, when we have collected enough recipes we hope to publish them in book form. 30% of the profits will be donated to a Food Kitchen in Israel and the remaining used to support the work of HIS-ISRAEL.


* Recipes should not be copied verbatim from a recipe book but may be cited as  “adapted from…….” (meaning you have modified the recipe) – please include your source. In accord with US Copyright you may list the same ingredients but you need to write – in your own words – how to prepare the recipe.

* If your recipe is similar to one posted in a book but is changed substantially – you may include “inspired by………” (again please include your source).

* We would like to keep recipes kosher, so please no recipes including pork, shrimp, shellfish, crab etc. (See article “What is Kosher Food?”)

To add flavor and interest, please share any personal stories that may go along with the recipe. Just a sentence or two will do, as to why this recipe has special meaning for you. Is it a Shabbat favorite or a dish you serve on one of the Festivals? Has it been handed down from a relative? Shared by a friend? Is it a dish you specially prepare when a family member or a friend is sick? Is it one you prepared with special dietary restrictions in mind (gluten free, vegan…)? Any pictures you may have to accompany your recipes will be appreciated.

Please send your recipes to:

We appreciate your generosity in sharing with us and all the readers at HIS-ISRAEL.


Keren and Cindy

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