When is Religion Evil? 15.2 mins

When is Religion Evil? (15.2 mins.)

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The opening sentence of Rabbi Jonathan Sacks’ outstanding new book, entitled, ‘NOT IN G-D’S NAME  – Confronting Religious Violence,‘ reads:

When religion turns men into murderers, God weeps!

At some point in history both Christians, and Jews, to one degree or another, have blood on their hands in the name of religion. Today, however, in the form of Islam, we are experiencing an unprecedented global uprising of a strategic, militant religion that deserves our close attention.

Please be informed. Jonatahn Sacks helps us gain a clearer understanding of the violence both Israel and the world are facing today and how best we can address it.


You can purchase Not in God’s Name: Confronting Religious Violence via Amazon.com

4 Responses

  1. Looking forward to reading Jonathan Sacks book. Thankful we have clear voices to help us understand these horrors that are happening in what evil says is in the name of G-d. Loved the reference to Abraham Joshua Heschel…..half way through reading “Man Is Not Alone” ~ LOVING it.

    1. This is not actually a reply to the previous comment but just to say how grateful I am for the transcripts of your talks. I find it very hard to hear but do appreciate what you have said. Thank you.

      1. Jean, I’m happy the transcripts help. Blessings to you.
        And Jenny, also happy that you are enjoying Heschel’s ‘Man is Not Alone’. It’s one of his many gems.

  2. What is one of my concerns is that people from any one of the three groups mentioned believe and teach that all three groups serve the same G-d then that lie continues to grow. People begin to believe all three groups [Jews, Christians and muslims] can get along and live in peace if we just try. This can never happen because one group is following a false god. Thank you for the review.

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