HAVDALAH Part 2 – How To Celebrate

The Havdalah ceremony is very sweet and simple, but it has deep significance! It is centered around four blessings, which are said when lighting the candle: 1. Candle – Ner As we lit the candles to indicate the beginning of Shabbat so we light a special candle at its conclusion. The two candles, as it […]

HAVDALAH Part 1 – Farewell to Shabbat

FAREWELL TO SHABBAT  ~ Keren Hannah Pryor  “Blessed is God, who distinguishes between the sacred and profane, between light and darkness, between Israel and the nations.” (Kiddush blessing) The Hebrew word havdalah means to differentiate, or to distinguish one thing from another. A word from the same root is hevdel, difference. The ability to distinguish […]