THE ANEMONE – KALANIT and the CYCLAMEN – RAKEFET “According to the Bible, the ‘inner’ life of nature is closed to man. The Bible does not claim that things speak to man; it only claims that things speak to God. Inanimate objects are dead in relation to man; they are alive in relation to God. […]

HOPE and HARPS – The Promise

HOPE – Tikvah THE PROMISE OF HOPE The greatest miracle of history in our times, in all likelihood, is the restoration of God’s Promised Land to His people, the descendents of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The implications of that miracle, while rousing considerable and violent animosity in the enemies of the God of Israel, should […]

Interview: The House on Mt Zion

A NEW LIGHT WILL SHINE ON MOUNT ZION! INTERVIEW with Adelheid Perlick at the Roses’ house on Mt Zion! Pauline and Albert Rose, despite the fears and warnings of others and the physical challenges, succeeded in building a home and a beautiful garden in war-torn Jerusalem of the late 50’s and early 60’s, leading up […]


  * In answer to my question, Pamela Eisenbaum, of the Hebrew University and now a professor of biblical studies at Iliff School of Theology in Denver, Colorado, boldly states on the cover of her book (excerpted above): Paul was not a Christian.  While my husband of blessed memory, Dwight A. Pryor,  had a strong affinity […]

Courage, Loving-kindness, and Truth – America?

When I see the drama unfolding around the election results in the USA my reaction is a mixture of disbelief, disgust and concern. Who would have thought that in a cultured, educated society, in a country that has become one of the greatest in history given its relatively short existence, one would witness the kind […]

Re-visiting Pauline Rose – “The Lady of Mount Zion”

They will not hurt or destroy anywhere on My holy mountain… Isaiah 11:9a   It has been just over two years since the work of HIS-ISRAEL first began. It seems a fitting time to re-visit the woman whose words the Lord used to inspire the heart of HIS-ISRAEL – Pauline Rose. Known to many as “The Lady […]

THE QUEST FOR REDEMPTION – The Biblical Journey, Stage 1

THE QUEST FOR REDEMPTION WHERE ARE WE NOW? The First Stage of the Biblical Journey: Passover – Shavuot God spread out the heavens and sprinkled the night with sparkling stars. He placed in it the large, glowing orb of sun to set the rhythm of the day. He placed the small, gentle luminary of moon to set […]

In Conversation with…Rabbi Jonathan Sacks on God and Science

THE GREAT PARTNERSHIP God, Science and the Search for Meaning This is an imaginary conversation cum interview conducted between myself, Keren Hannah, and Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, past Chief Rabbi of Britain and well-known author and teacher. The subject of Science and Religion is one addressed in his book, The Great Partnership, which Andrew Marr, British broadcaster, author […]

In Conversation with Dwight A. Pryor on Loving-kindness and Righteousness

  In the Sayings of the Fathers (PIrkei Avot) 1:2, Shimon the Righteous, Shimon HaTzaddik, [one of the Sages of the Sanhedrin or Great Assembly established from the time of Ezra] states that the world is built, or stands in balance, on three things: the Word of God (Torah); the service or worship of God […]


Jesus and the Jubilee Vision ~ Keren Hannah Pryor We read In Luke 4:16-22 how, in the synagogue in Nazareth, Jesus stood, read from the scroll and proclaimed the Jubilee vision of Isaiah: “The Spirit of Adonai, the LORD, has anointed me to announce good news to the meek …to proclaim liberty to the captives …to […]

On God and Christmas Trees – Ben Stein

At the heart of the ‘Season of Lights’ – both Hanukkah and Christmas – is the God who is Love – the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. May we uphold and reflect the light of His love and truth in the growing darkness of hatred and violence that threatens to envelop the world. To that […]

There is a God in Israel! 1 Sam 17:46

Kuma Adonai! Arise, oh LORD! Save me, oh my God! Salvation belongs to the LORD. Your blessings are upon Your people. (Psalm 3:7-8) Kuma Adonai! “Arise, O LORD that the whole world will know that there is a God in Israel!” (1 Samuel 17:46)  I would like to share a few thoughts, largely inspired by a letter from a […]


TORAH AS A CROWN ~Keren Hannah Pryor In the ‘Ethics Now & Then‘ post of Avot 4:17,  Rabbi Shimon describes three ‘crowns’ one can acquire [in the Kingdom of God] – namely, those of Torah, priesthood and kingship. Rashi comments that, of the three, the Torah is the one openly available to all, for all can study […]