‘Winter with Elie Wiesel’ Winner

A big thank you to all who joined us this winter on our learning adventure with Elie Wiesel ! The winner of the complimentary book “Open Heart” by Wiesel is RENA MONHOLLAND Mazel Tov Rena, we appreciate your comments and interaction with us at His-Israel!

Open Heart – Part 3 – TOWARDS THE END

Everything exhausts me. To breathe, to open my eyes, to think – everyting brings renewed agony. Am I out of danger? Not yet. …The doctors try to convince me that from now on, for a few days, a few weeks, I must be patient, that the feeling of being cut into pieces will disappear. But […]


“Elisha,” I say very quietly. My son hears me: “What can I do for you?” … I motion him to approach. Now he is very close to my bed. He takes my hand in his and caresses it gently. I try to squeeze his hand but I don’t succeed. I know that he wishes to […]

Open Heart – Part 1 – “IT’S YOUR HEART!”

  My wife, Marion, and I have just returned from Jerusalem, where, every year, we spend the holiday of Shavuot with close friends. …This time, in Jerusalem, it had all gone well. No terrorist attacks. No border incidents. …But now, back in New York, suddenly my body revolts.”It’s certainly the heart.” Ominous words, inducing fear […]

And the Sea is Never Full – Part 3 – PEACE AND HATE

Was it Oscar Wilde who was wise enough to say that he who lives more than one life ends up dying more than one death? I have lived a few lives. How does one relate to the other? I look for the life of the boy from Sighet in that of the orphan abandoned at […]

And the Sea is Never Full – Part 2 – SCARS

October 5, 1973. The Yom Kippur War, terrible and shattering. We learn the news during services. Rabbi Joseph Lookstein, dressed in white as was the High Priest of long ago, asks the congregation to pray with increased fervor. Ani Ma’amin – I Believe…a Song of Lost and Found Again. …For me it was a call […]

And the Sea is Never Full – Part 1 – CROSSROADS

Inside me happiness and distress seem to spark a fire that is both somber and luminous. Could it be that I fear happiness? I cling to the notion that in the beginning there was the Word, and that the Word is the story of man, and that man is the story of God. If praying […]

Night – Part 3 – A Gray Light On The Horizon

 Another Winter arrives… Elie’s right foot gets infected. While he is in the infirmary, the Russian front draws closer and the Nazis decide to evacuate the camp. Elie and his father are among the thousands evacuated – in the form of a death march! Gruelling days of marching follow, without food or water and in constantly […]

Night Part 2 – The Camps

Part 2 is composed of excerpts describing Wiesel’s arrival at Auschwitz with his family, and the transferral of he and his father to the Auschwitz work camp called Buna. There, among other atrocities, they witnessed hangings, including that of a young boy.   Never shall I forget that night, the first night in the camp,   […]

Night – Preface and Part 1

  Elie Wiesel, of blessed memory (z”l) said: If in my lifetime I was to write only one book, this would be the one. He also commented that all the numerous books he was to write thereafter, could not be understood …”if one has not read this very first of my works.” Join us in exploring […]

A Winter with ELIE WIESEL – Introduction

We would like to bless the memory of ELIE WIESEL (z”l)  by sharing excerpts of his writings during the coming winter months (or summer in the Southern Hemisphere!). He was the prolific author of more than fifty books. We have chosen three that mark the beginning, middle, and the end of his writing odyssey. The classic […]