ONE CANDLE – dispels much darkness

Join Keren in lighting the lights on the first night of Hanukkah HERE

And enjoy this beautifully illustrated and stirring story of one family’s special Hanukkah tradition… (With special thanks to Gayle Ann Cater for gifting Dwight and me with this book many Hanukkahs ago!)  ~Keren   



A Purim Story
by Leone Anderson 
Illustrated by Naomi Howland

Read by Keren Hannah

A hungry little bear crashes a Purim party.

Click on arrow to Listen. 10 mins.

You can buy this sweet story here from The Mystery Bear: A Purim Story


SOFER – The Story of a Torah Scroll

SoferSofer – The Story of a Torah Scroll
by Rabbi Eric Ray, z”l

There are interesting facts to be learned about the production of a Torah scroll. The sofer who writes a scroll by hand has very strict guidelines and a set procedure by which he writes a scroll. These have ensured that the words of a scroll have been preserved accurately and perfectly through the centuries.

Rabbi Eric Ray shares these things with us in his well illustrated book, written for all the family to understand. Join us and learn!


NOTE: Apologies for the recording glitch on page 17. It only last a few seconds, so please persevere.

YUSSEL’S PRAYER – A Yom Kippur Story


yussel's prayer

Young Yussel,  although he cannot read, saves the holy day of Yom Kippur with a true prayer.

Read by Keren

TERRIBLE THINGS – An Allegory of the Shoah

Terrible Things


Terrible Things is a gentle introduction to the Shoah.*

Our sharing this book with you comes with a caution. Please watch it along with your child and be prepared for questions, for example,  “What are the Terrible Things?” “Where did the Terrible Things take the animals?” “What are concentration camps?”

You may consider watching this video first to see if it is suitable for your child’s level of understanding.


Read by Keren

A Passover story – SHLEMIEL CROOKS

Anna Olswanger never knew her great-grandparents Elias and Dora Olschwanger, not even their names, until 1982. That was the year she made the first of several trips to St. Louis to research her family tree.

With the help of relatives she had never met and St. Louis historians, she located a number of newspaper articles that mentioned her great-grandfather “Reb Elias Olschwanger.”*

These articles became the basis for her book in which she shares a copy of each article on the last pages of this very fun and very colorful read.

Shlemiel, by the way, is a Yiddish term for an idiotic person who is rather lacking in the brains department.

Enjoy the story with Keren and / or purchase your own copy by clicking on the following title:

Shlemiel Crooks


* Anna Olswanger, Shlemiel Crooks postscript


Read by Keren 



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