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“Why was it,” she asked herself, “that animals can sometimes subdue their predatory ways in only a few months, while humans, despite centuries of refinement, can quickly grow more savage than any beast?” – Diane Ackerman, The Zookeeper’s Wife, pg.

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BODY AND SOUL: The State of the Jewish Nation

This film was necessary to make as a way to understand the centrality of Israel to the Jewish identity… The campaigns to erase Jewish history are getting stronger, and even though their arguments make no sense, if its repeated enough

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FILL THE VOID Written and Directed by Rama Burshtein Fill The Void is a beautiful, heart stirring film that tells the story of 18 year old Shira* Mendelian, a Hasidic girl who lives in Tel Aviv. During the joyous celebration

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 Shalom Sesame Street – Shalom Rechov Sumsum רחוב שומשום שלום Shalom Sesame is a co-production between Sesame Street and its Israeli counterpart, Rechov Sumsum. The series was conceived as an attempt to bring Israeli life and Jewish culture to

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USHPIZIN – Special Guests

USHPIZIN  Ushpizin [oosh-pee-zeen] — who are special guests in the sukkah — is a classic Israeli film written by Shuli Rand.  I (Keren) watch it as part of my Feast of Tabernacles tradition every year and I enjoy it

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