The Liminal Space of BEAUTY ~ Cindy Elliott

  * Life is such a beautiful paradox. There is no intimacy without mystery. There is nothing to be valued if everything lies in your hands. There is no knowledge until you loosen your grasp. And there is no beauty until beauty conceals herself. [1] ~ Tzvi Freeman True beauty is like a sublime breath […]

The Liminal Space of Gaining Perspective – Raynna Meyers

The Liminal Space of Seeking and Gaining Perspective What is a day, a moment, a word, a detail, a singular person, thought, action? What if I permitted it weight in my mind, see it for what it is, rather than my own estimation? What if I look at it through another’s eyes, to see it […]

The Liminal Space Between Christianity and Judaism – Raynna Myers

Introductory Comment by Keren Hannah: We find ourselves in a very significant and prophetic period of history, in particular, of course, regarding God’s restoration of the Land of Israel and of His people to the Land and to Himself. A significant factor in this process of restoration is the bridging of the once believed unbridgeable […]

The Liminal Space of LETTING GO – Raynna Meyers

Some time ago my dear friend and teacher, Keren Hannah Pryor, began to write about liminal spaces, those in-between places, when we are not in one specific place or another, but find ourselves past something known (at least in part) and not quite on the threshold of what we do not yet know. I’d only […]

The Liminal Space of ALIYAH   –  Debra Elfassy

“The relationship between G-d and man changes when man ascends to the Land of Israel.” (Martin Buber) During the latter part of the 19th Century there began a rustling in the tops of the mulberry trees; the gentle winds of Aliyah began stirring. Man and nature knew that something momentous was about to happen. The […]

The Liminal Space of CHANGE – Keren Hannah

Change, arguably, is the most constant and unchangeable element of life and yet is one that we find difficult to embrace. Much natural change often goes by unnoticed. Old age creeps upon us slowly. Relationships can sadly wither and fade away due to lack of awareness and attention. Sunrise and sunsets come and go without […]

The Liminal Space of PAIN ~ Raynna Myers

The liminal space of pain is the place where we receive an invitation to healing. We feel as though we are sick and dying. Soul, spirit, and mind wounds become burdens we cannot carry. We never should have tried. The burdens are real, but, has anyone told you…? Has anyone told you that there are […]

The Liminal Space of BORDERS – Debra Elfassy

 * Here on the heights of Samaria, overlooking the shimmering northern expanse of the Dead Sea nestled at the foothills of the majestic mountains of Moab, time has stopped and past has become present. I feel as though I am standing on holy ground. The landscape around me is barren; hills rocky and bare and […]

The Liminal Space of CREATIVITY ~ Cindy Elliott

The power stored up within man is exceedingly great, is all-encompassing, but all too often it slumbers within and does not bestir itself from its deep sleep. The command of creation, beating deep within the consciousness…proclaims: Awake ye slumberers from your sleep. Realize, actualize yourselves, your own potentialities and possibilities, and go forth to meet […]

The Liminal Space of ENGAGEMENT ~ Sarah Sanders

  There are few things in life that can both cover and expose like finding love. In the last year, since meeting my fiancé, I have gone through several cycles of death and rebirth. I have tussled with all the questions a precocious, conscientious, and spiritually-minded young woman would: “How do I know he’s ‘the […]

THE QUESTION as a Liminal Space ~ Cindy Elliott

The Gift Just when you seem to yourself nothing but a flimsy web of questions, you are given the questions of others to hold in the emptiness of your hands, songbird eggs that can still hatch if you keep them warm, butterflies opening and closing themselves in your cupped palms, trusting you not to injure […]

The Liminal Space of BIRD WATCHING ~ Cindy Elliott

When we do not believe that G-d renews the work of creation every day, then our religious practice becomes old and routine and boring. As it say in the Psalms, “Do not cast me off when I am old.” That is, do not let my world become old. – Martin Buber [1] Human beings must […]

The Liminal Space of PARENTHOOD ~ Raynna Myers

PARENTHOOD is definitively a liminal space. One often entered into either flat-out knowing we have no idea what we are doing or far too confident that we do. Neither are true.  There’s definitely a moment of initiation, but it doesn’t come with any certainty of what we are now doing or who we now are. […]

The Liminal Space of AGING ~ Keren Hannah

And as long as you haven’t experienced this: To die and so to grow, You are only a troubled guest on the dark earth. from: The Holy Longing by Goethe* In his blog on July 15th, pastor Brian Harris reported, “I turned 59 on Wednesday. It’s an awkward kind of a birthday, 59 – it […]

The Liminal Space of PRAYER – Raynna Myers

“We can only pray the way prayer is supposed to be when we recognize that in fact the soul is always praying.  Without stop, the soul soars and yearns for its Beloved. It is at the time of outward prayer, that the perpetual prayer of the soul reveals itself in the realm of action.  This […]