The Liminal Space of ENGAGEMENT ~ Sarah Sanders

  There are few things in life that can both cover and expose like finding love. In the last year, since meeting my fiancé, I have gone through several cycles of death and rebirth. I have tussled with all the questions a precocious, conscientious, and spiritually-minded young woman would: “How do I know he’s ‘the […]

The Liminal Space of PARENTHOOD ~ Raynna Myers

PARENTHOOD is definitively a liminal space. One often entered into either flat-out knowing we have no idea what we are doing or far too confident that we do. Neither are true.  There’s definitely a moment of initiation, but it doesn’t come with any certainty of what we are now doing or who we now are. […]

The Liminal Space of AGING ~ Keren Hannah

And as long as you haven’t experienced this: To die and so to grow, You are only a troubled guest on the dark earth. from: The Holy Longing by Goethe* In his blog on July 15th, pastor Brian Harris reported, “I turned 59 on Wednesday. It’s an awkward kind of a birthday, 59 – it […]

The Liminal Space of LIFE AFTER LOSS – Jenny Lovell

Take comfort from this in your darkest hour. Others have plumbed the secrets of the night. The lost Rose garden they found at last. See, out of darkness – light. ~ Anonymous  Remembering countless others who have also suffered loss. Little did I know, seven and a half years ago, that I was about to enter a “Dense […]

The Liminal Space of a Child with Cancer ~ Teri Jensen

I have experienced many liminal spaces in my life. Sometimes I think those spaces are where I constantly dwell. However, one of the most difficult liminal spaces occurred when my 18-year-old son, my only child, was diagnosed with testicular cancer. Even though we know that many people, including children, battle cancer, I believe we never really […]

The Liminal Space of a Woman with Child – Raynna Myers

 The Liminal Space, the threshold, the between, the there but not there yet, the carrying of a child within a woman, where the boundaries bleed into the living: this is a sacred space.  Somewhere between the most intimate of moments between man and woman, somewhere between sweat and light, somewhere between warmth and passion, somewhere […]

The Liminal Space of Palliative Care – Karen Freeman Worstell

I am learning the role of chaplain in a large Northwest medical center in the United Sates. It’s my second year and I am specializing in palliative care – that time and season of life after receiving a life-limiting diagnosis. I’m discovering that it can be a time of intense beauty. A time only equalled by […]

The Liminal Space of THE EMPTY NEST ~ Cindy Elliott

THE EMPTY NEST The wholeness of a home depends much on its ability to prepare its young to leave the nest and risk trusting their own wings to take them to unknown elsewheres, where they will have to build their individual nest.* Empty nest – that quiet vacuum of space that takes shape around your […]

The Liminal Spaces of LIFE ~ Keren Hannah Pryor

When we arrive at the limen, or threshold,  for example of a new year, we need to pause a while and catch our breath before we step out of this liminal space and fully embark on the path of the new year, ripe with its potential and challenges. There are many such spaces in our lives – daily, […]