How Jewish are the Gospels?

20 Oct., 2014 Question: Did Christianity hijack the Gospels and New Testament and rise as a whole new religion – an entirely different way of seeing God from the way the Israelites and Jews have understood and worshipped Him? After reading and reviewing Daniel Boyarin’s challenging book, this question arose in my mind. If one […]

Creation – Random?

                                      In God’s great, living, and ever expanding canvas of Creation, have you ever taken note that every multi-colored creature is composed of complementary colors that never clash? Is it possible that this is random and haphazard? No way! Do […]

What about Sin?

SIN….OY! Q:  Based on the belief that Jesus died as an atonement for sin, a prevailing teaching in the Church holds that sins are automatically pardoned and the commandments of God are thus made null and void. Does the law/Torah/teaching of God expressed in the Hebrew Scriptures still have relevance and, if so, how is it applicable in the life of a believer […]

The Chicken or the Egg?

We are launching our Reflect & Discuss section with the somewhat humourous but, on the other hand, carrying deeper significance, question of: “Which came first, the Chicken or the Egg? This conundrum is addressed in an article by Simon Brown, who posits: “We all know birds are born from eggs, so where did the first […]