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The Liminal Space of CHANGE – Keren Hannah

Change, arguably, is the most constant and unchangeable element of life and yet is one that we find difficult to embrace. Much natural change often goes by unnoticed. Old age creeps upon us slowly. Relationships can sadly wither and fade

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The Liminal Space of PAIN ~ Raynna Myers

The liminal space of pain is the place where we receive an invitation to healing. We feel as though we are sick and dying. Soul, spirit, and mind wounds become burdens we cannot carry. We never should have tried. The

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Avinu Malkeinu – Yossi Azulay

Avinu Malkeinu – Yossi Azulay Avinu Malkeinu is a beautiful and moving prayer recited during the High Holy days (Rosh Hashanah through Yom Kippur) and certain fast days throughout the Biblical Cycle. It reminds us of the searing reality that G-d is

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Rachem – Yossi Azulay

Lidia Kozenitzky, Splitting of the Red Sea* Rachem Yossi Azulay ~ Cindy The ancient Hebrew pictograph for rachem (רחם) draws a beautiful picture.  With the resh (ר) we see the head of a person, the chet (ח) a fence (illustrating

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The Liminal Space of the MEZUZAH

Jewish people have this custom of affixing a small box to our doorframes and entrance gates. It usually is a slim, oblong container that can be made from various materials such as plastic, wood, ceramics or metal, including pure silver or gold. I

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The Liminal Space of SEA AND SAND

I grew up near the sea. Though far from it now, my mind sometimes wanders to the sandy beaches and the rockpools of my younger days. The ocean offers a rich retreat when you can take it, whether physically or on

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