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Shema Yisrael

*IDF soldier praying. (Photo: Libi/Israel365) SHEMA YISRAEL The Shema is the oldest and greatest, the very heart, of Jewish prayer. It has been part of the liturgy since Temple times and is recited morning and evening. Its opening line, sung

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Eich Shir Nolad? — How is a Song Born?

Enjoy this delightful song, Eich Shir Nolad, from the very well-loved Israeli children’s CD, The Sixteenth Lamb. Download Hebrew, Transliteration, and Translation here. Listen to this song at Youtube – posted below or You can purchase this highly recommended and delightful CD (or

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Music To My Ears – Introduction

*Michel D’anastasio “Shema Israel” Language, with it’s rhythms and sounds, can fit the category of music;  and Hebrew maybe more than any other as it is the language of creation.* So, what better way to naturally absorb Hebrew than by

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