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When is Religion Evil? 15.2 mins

When is Religion Evil? (15.2 mins.) Download the transcript for pdf MLPJ 18 – CAN FAITH BE EVIL?   The opening sentence of Rabbi Jonathan Sacks’ outstanding new book, entitled, ‘NOT IN G-D’S NAME  – Confronting Religious Violence,‘ reads: When religion turns men

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HOLY THINGS? 4.10 mins

Holy Things – 4.10 minutes The opposite of ‘holy’ is not ‘wicked.’ The six regular days of the week, as opposed to Shabbat are not ‘bad’ but are regarded as ‘ordinary’ in contrast to the one that was chosen and

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To Love and Be Loved – 3.20 mins

To Love And Be Loved – 3.20 minutes At the very heart of life, at the central core of God’s plan of Creation, is the action of loving and of being loved. The more intimately one knows the other, the

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HOLY TIME? 5.15 mins

Holiness of Time – 5.15 minutes We are defined by who we are and not by the material things we have. Become attuned to the holiness in time. To light the Sabbath candles is our way of creating light; and

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HOLINESS? 4.46 mins

What Is Holiness? – 4.45 minutes   God – HaKadosh Baruch Hu, The Holy, Blessed be He, is the Source of holiness. We can partake of His holiness in relationship with Him, and as we participate with Him in holy actions

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Welcome to My Little Place in Jerusalem

  WELCOME – to My Little Place in Jerusalem Jerusalem has been called many things – the Center of the Universe, the joy of the whole earth, the connection between Heaven and Earth, the Holy City, the City of the

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