Learn from the Crawling Creatures? 10.55 mins

Learn from the Snake, the Ant & the Spider and the Fly! (10:55m)   The more one studies these amazing creatures, the more there is to discover! The punishment given by God to the snake was very fitting. He was made to crawl on his belly in the dust. The Sages wisely conclude, “Falsehood does not […]

JERUSALEM of Gold, Stones, and Light – 12.30 mins

  The wonder and beauty of Jerusalem make a deep impression. The bustle, the noise and the inevitable grime of any modern city, makes things look quite natural. Then suddenly, as if a veil is gently pulled aside for a lingering moment, one sees something of deep and breathtaking splendor. It’s a beauty that is […]

The Beauty of Holiness – “Behold the Bridegroom!”

This is a recording of the first time I (Keren Hannah) was invited to share at a conference together with my beloved husband Dwight, of blessed memory. It was held in England, October 2002, with a great group of women – The Lydia Fellowship. Be looking out and prepared to meet the Bridegroom! Part 1 How do we do […]

TREES in the Bible – 18.19 mins

In time for Tu B’Shevat – the New Year for Trees! There are many references to trees in the Bible, from the first chapter to the last! In the beginning, at Creation, we find the “trees bearing fruit” that provided food for Adam and Eve and in the last book of Revelation we find the […]

Is Your Godly Imagination Starved? 11.06 mins

Nature to a saint [a tzaddik] is sacramental. In every wind that blows; in every night and day of the year …in every blossoming and withering of the earth, there is a real coming of God to us, if we will simply use our starved imaginations to realize it. ~Oswald Chambers Is Your Godly Imagination […]

When is Religion Evil? 15.2 mins

When is Religion Evil? (15.2 mins.) Download the transcript for pdf MLPJ 18 – CAN FAITH BE EVIL?   The opening sentence of Rabbi Jonathan Sacks’ outstanding new book, entitled, ‘NOT IN G-D’S NAME  – Confronting Religious Violence,‘ reads: When religion turns men into murderers, God weeps! At some point in history both Christians, and Jews, to one degree […]

A Circumcised Heart? 8.35 mins

A Circumcised Heart? (8.35 m) Download the transcript for MLPJ 17 – A CIRCUMCISED HEART?   Repentance is the gift that offers the path out of sin and, when taken, results in the happiness of reconciliation. When our hearts are circumcised we can experience joy!   ~ Keren Hannah  


How Many Foreskins? ( 13.15 m) Download the transcript for MLPJ 16 – How Many Foreskins?   The brit milah, or circumcision, of a Jewish baby boy is a sign in the flesh which becomes a constant physical reminder of his unconditional covenant with God. We may ask: “Why on the 8th day?” and “What about […]

Does God See Our Tears? 9.30 mins

Does God See Our Tears? (9.30m) Download the transcript for MLPJ 14 – Does God see our Tears?   When the heart cries, only God hears. Only man’s acceptance of God’s gift of repentance can turn his heart of stone into one that can cry with God and can love and heal; and rejoice! ~ Keren […]

What Can We Learn from Job? 6.55 mins

  What Can We Learn from Job? (6.55m)    At this time of reflection and repentance during the Hebrew month of Elul, and in the light of  the tumultuous times we are living in, the lessons of  Job are particularly relevant. ~ Keren Hannah

Learn From The Animals? 9.40 mins

Learn From The Animals? – 9.40 minutes   “Yours, God, is the greatness, and the might, and the splendor and the victory, for everything in Heaven and on earth is Yours!” There is much we can learn from our four-footed friends, the animals. Today we take a look at three of them: the Donkey, the Gazelle […]

Learn From The Birds? 9.00 mins

Learn From The Birds – 9.00 minutes   “God teaches us from the animals of the land, and from the birds of the heavens He makes us wise.” `~Job Today, we take a look at three birds and find out what we can learn from: The Stork, the Rooster and the Dove.   When our […]

HEBREW EYES? 5.11 mins

Hebrew Eyes? – 5.11 minutes   The Bible you are reading is the Hebrew Bible, but are you reading it with Hebrew eyes? If the meaning of Scripture is contained and hidden in the text, then the language and the tools of the language, are vital for clear understanding. Israel is restored…and Hebrew, the ancient and […]


A Redemptive Relationship –  6.46 minutes    The relationships that make a difference and deeply affect our lives, in a positive way, are the redemptive or transformative relationships we enjoy. How do we tell if a relationship is transformative? Every redemptive relationshp demands honesty and presence. Transparency – an openness of heart and thoughts – enables […]

HOLY THINGS? 4.10 mins

Holy Things – 4.10 minutes   The opposite of ‘holy’ is not ‘wicked.’ The six regular days of the week, as opposed to Shabbat are not ‘bad’ but are regarded as ‘ordinary’ in contrast to the one that was chosen and set apart by God for His purposes. When the sacred things of God are […]