Let Torah Live in You

* For it is not an idle word for you; indeed it is your life. Deuteronomy 32:47a Great is Torah, for it gives life to those who practice it in this world, and in the World to Come. As the Scripture states, “For the words of the Torah are life to he who finds them, […]

You and I – Leonard Nimoy

Kavanah is a Hebrew word meaning intention and focus. The rabbis often speak of ‘kavanah of the heart’ in terms of prayer. This Hebrew word is deeply significant as we stand on the threshold of the Hebrew calendar month of ELUL. The following poem speaks into this season of repentance and reflection as a reminder […]

The Seeds of Hope Planted on Tisha b’Av

We are close to entering Bein Hameitzarim – The Narrow Straits – or Three Weeks Of Sorrow. As we enter this time it is good to remember that this time of grief can also be seen as a time of healing.  Rachel Barenblat explains:  [The Three Weeks] This is the corridor between two painful anniversaries: the […]

Victims No Longer

ISRAEL to the World…A message. After the ghettos and the camps, The humiliations and the murders, A decision was made — To rise from the ashes, To work and to build, And to fight if necessary To be free. A reborn people In our reborn Land, Walking in victory With G-d’s help, Victims no longer. […]

Ode To Spring

*Kalaniot (Anemones) in the western Negev fields. The flower buds appear on the earth, the time of singing has come, and the voice of the turtledove is heard in our land. (Song of Songs 2:12 ESV) Spring — the time when buds unfurl and leaves fan out from the branches of trees. God has thrown open […]


This poem was originally penned in 2013 – with thoughts of the Hebrew month of Shevat, during which the ‘New Year for Trees’ is celebrated. As the nourishing sap rises to bring new life to the trees, we too can celebrate the new life given us each morning and at every new season of our […]