DIY – Do It Yourself – Festivals is a project of our hearts. We long for you to know the joy of these celebrations and the intimacy of meeting G-d our Father in them. Each Feast reminds us of who G-d is and who we are in Him – His children ‘born again’ by His Spirit in Yeshua ha’Mashiach, Messiah Jesus.

But, many have not grown up in a home that celebrates the Biblical Festivals and so we often are asked, “Where does one start?” This is our answer…


DIY Feasts are ’How To’ guides to jumpstart you in actively participating in the rhythm and flow of our Father’s Biblical Calendar.

At HIS-ISRAEL we are about learning, doing, and sharing. To explore more in-depth understanding of each Feast (and to find additional recipes and craft ideas) please visit the drop down menu on the Home page titled Appointments with God.

As you learn the relevance and meaning of these Mo’adim – appointed times – and also move into the celebrating of them, we hope you will look for opportunities to share the discovery and enjoyment with others.

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